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K & S Tank Lines started in 1952 by Fred Shelton, as Fred A Shelton Trucking, as a mover of Sulfur Dioxide.  In October 1969 K & S Tank Lines was formed under its current name by a partnership between Kenneth Stuart Sr. and Howard Kaylor securing ICC authority for four states with one tractor and two trailers.

K & S Tank Lines became a sole proprietorship in January 1978, when Kenneth Stuart Sr. purchased Mr. Kaylor’s interest.  At that time the business owned four tractors and four trailers.  Still moving only Sulfur Dioxide. 

In January 1980 the company incorporated as a sub chapter s corporation and expanded to 48 state authority.  In October 1981 K & S Tank Lines, Inc. started moving Sulfuric Acid and Ferric Sulfate in addition to Sulfur Dioxide, in tank trucks and multi unit trucks.

The corporation now owns 20 tractors, 42 trailers two of which are insulated Sulfur Dioxide trailers (MC-331), five are insulated for hauling 98% Sulfuric Acid, three are MC-307 trailers that are used for alum and other materials, and 17 are stainless MC-312 trailers that are used for a wide variety of other uses.

K & S Tank Lines employees 16 drivers that deliver the product to the customer.  We also employee three mechanics that are able to fix the tractors and trailers.  The trailers that haul hazardous material need extra work and our mechanics can now also work on all of them as well.  Four people work in the office that includes the president of the company, an assistant office manager, an accounts receivable department, and the safety director.

In the future K & S Tank Lines is looking to be able to deliver more products, in a safer, and more efficient way than ever before.